You don't have to say all you have to say, but leave some virtue; you don't need to be harsh and generous; you don't have to fight all you have to do, but leave some virtue. More self questioning, less disputes and accusations; more self-examination, less criticism. If you have consciousness, you will find problems from yourself. If you don't have consciousness, you will only shoot at others. Be good to others, be good to yourself; have a way with others, and retreat from yourself. Others have not studied, in the people have the favor Mo Nian, the lover first loves oneself, the person responsible first inquires about the heart. There are many creatures in the earth, but no fish in the water. Treat your partner with tolerance, treat your friends with tolerance. A gentleman has the grace to tolerate others, and he will not fight for the small things. Everyone is like a cup with a gap. As long as you don't look at the gap, the cup is complete. When a friend tells you that he is flustered, he should consider whether he is in trouble or not; when someone brings you trouble, he should face it calmly. Don't look at things arbitrarily, don't rush them out, wisdom doesn't cause trouble, compassion has no enemy. Real love is to take care of your heart; real compassion is in every word and deed. A fool asks for circumstances, but a wise man asks for circumstances. Worry is like the wind, without roots; sorrow is like snow, without source. Think for others, live for yourself, don't take all the benefits, don't be demanding. The road must be measured with heart, and life must be completed by oneself. What we see is the scenery, what we forgive is tolerance, what we concede is compassion, and what we do not dispute is wisdom.